Flexible SmartWatch display by SmartSound Case Inc.

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    “A Complete Smartphone on Your Wrist”

    “Flexible display sets to transform the Smartwatches but not for at least a few more years.”

    Steve Wozniack, co-founder of Apple, said in his interview with WIRED.
    “I want the entire Smartphone, the entire internet, on my wrist,” he says. “I want a larger display than they’re starting with. I hope [a future smart watch is] independent, works on its own and is not connected with Bluetooth to the Smartphone in your pocket,” he adds, “but that doesn’t mean it would be bad if it were that way.”

    I believe our innovative design, “SMATSOUND WATCH” would be the perfect solution for that.
    First, “SMARTSOUND WATCH” can apply the big screen as close to regular Smartphone size. The size of the screen that you see on the above video is the exact same size of iPhone’s 5/S size.
    And furthermore, the screen display can be conveniently used as either a flat screen like a regular normal Smartphone or as a bendable screen that contours around the wrist like wearable fashion gear.

    The spring panel is attached to the bottom of flexible display of SmartWatch for easy opening and closing of the screen. There are support bars in between bottom of the display and the body of Smartphone to prevent bouncing when touching the opened flat screen.
    Flexible display is hooked with a button or magnet or with DC motor control that naturally contours around wrist. The user can operate in a hooked position like any other SmartWatch. But when he wants to view the entire display on a flat screen, one can simply release the hook and instantly spring panel will shape flexible display into flat screen for viewing and touching to operate.

    If you are interested in this and other innovative ideas, please visit our “Company/Patents” section.
    Austin Oh/ email: austinoh@smartsoundcase.com

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