LED light bar with flip cover for off road light

[For most of the states, it is illegal to drive without the light bar covered on local or highway.  (DOT & SAE regulation & VC 24411).]

And these are our prominent features and advantages of our Light Bar Cover:

  • The cover covers or uncovers instantaneously with simple one touch operation.
  • Secure holding with electromagnet when the cover is uncovered(opened)
  • Cover drops automatically when the LED light bar power is turned off.
  • The Reflector strip taped inside cover produce brighter light when it is uncovered(opened).
  • Any preferred logo can be attached on the light bar cover.
  • Aerodynamic design
  • You do not need extra space for storage of the cover since it is attached to the light-bar structure. (most cover devices available on market are very inconvenient for attaching and detaching & must always work on outside around car)
  • The cover protects face of the light-bar from flying debris, dust and sun rays. Some aerodynamic shaped can be designed to work as bug guard.

At this moment, we are looking for LED Light bar manufactures or companies.

Ken Oh Corporation    www.smartsoundcase.com

600 E. Washington Blvd. Unit 210 Los Angeles, CA 90015
213-747-7790  Email: kenohcorporation@gmail.com

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