SmartWatch Flexible Display Panel for Apple by SmartSound Case Inc

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    Uploader notes:
    Important: This is only a concept design and not intended for sale.
    We are looking for companies who are interested in collaborating with us on projects like these.

    This is only a concept demo of the flexible smart watch display as we are still in the ideation phase.
    The screen is flexible and can be curved to the contours of the watch-receptacle when closed. When open, the screen straightens out for a better viewing option. (point)
    The screen(When opened) will be supported by a spring panel support that we are still coming up with designs for. And gives the screen a better ergonomic feeling.
    The main advantage of the watch is that you can access all of your apps and watch videos easily in comparison to smart watches that have smaller screens with fixed curves.
    We want to put the whole phone on the wrist without it being too bulky and also provide a large screen for the user.
    -we’d like any comments to what we can do to improve our design.

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